Wednesday was born as Lipa Flug in the mining town of Hallenshire in the Ambershard Mountains. She, her father, and her four siblings lived in a one room house (her mother died when Lipa was seven). Her father and two older brothers worked in the mine. At age fourteen, Lipa decided to flee the misery of her home, stealing a donkey to make the weeklong journey to the nearest port town, Harn’s End. There she survived by petty thievery and fishing before working as a ropemaker and finally a merchant sailor.

As second mate on the ship Nova Zembla, she discovered that the ship’s owner was planning to sell the crew and shipment of goods to a pirate fleet, then sink the ship to collect the insurance. Lipa organized a mutiny with her friends and shipmates Felix and Muza, but she was betrayed by Muza, who was in league with the ship’s owner, and in the ensuing fracas half the crew lost their lives and Lipa was shot in the shoulder. Felix and Lipa managed to escape in a lifeboat, but a terrible storm hit them that night. Felix was swept out of the boat and lost at sea. The next night the boat drifted onto the shore of Alaspar with Lipa, parched and unconscious, inside. She was found by a fisherwoman who brought her back to health.

Upon arriving in the nearest town, Lipa discovered she was wanted by the maritime authorities. She abandoned her previous life and took on the name Wednesday, as a reminder of the day of the failed mutiny. Since then, Wednesday has been living a life of vagrancy, itinerant labor, petty thievery and functional alcoholism, attempting to evade the authorities and vaguely planning to avenge the probable death of Felix and their betrayal by Muza.


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