When Resolute woke up he was in a crate. He spent years being sold, traded, shipped all over the world. He had virtually no contact with the outside world in this time, and simply waited, as a warforged does. He was finally put to use when a man named Antilles bought him. Antilles ran an arena in (insert city here) and was not known for his kindness. He regularly put on shows at his colisseum for profit. People would come from miles to see the spectacles. Resolute did not have a name at this point, people simply called him "Metal" for obvious reasons. He spent months training with Antilles who was bent on creating a warforged with enough skill to compete in the arena. He hoped that the novelty of having a warforged fight would bring in more profits. Antilles used methods similar to what a person running a dog fighting ring would use. He abused Resolute, all with the purpose of bringing about anger, frustration, and fear, which he felt would make Resolute a more fearsome competitor. Resolute was resistant at first, not knowing how to react emotionally to what was happening. He didn't feel emotion as humans did, but somewhere inside him he had the potential to feel these these emotions. Slowly they came to the surface where they were manifested in anger and rage. He became a dangerous opponent when using these feelings at his disposal. He began to fight in Antilles' arena and had success. He climbed up the ladder gradually and became one of the favorites, and had his name chanted by crowds many times. In combat, "Metal" would wield giant weapons which humans were not capable of. He unleashed flurries of powerful strikes on his foes, crippling or killing them in few blows. His face would take on an scowl as he focused the human emotion of rage, something very uncommon in warforged, and something the crowd had not seen before. Perhaps this lended to his popularity. He fought for over a year in the arena and he looked at Antilles as his father.

Antilles eventually became rich from Resolute's successes and lost himself in greed. Resolute knew no other way to live, so he continued to live as such. Until one day. Antilles had many enemies and became overly involved in dangerous politics. It eventually caught up to him and he was poisoned by a rival. This left the arena ownership in shambles. Minority owners began to squabble, matches were delayed and cancelled, and Resolute had no direction and he grieved for his father every night. Then a man came.

The man was adorned in platemail and a flowing tabard adorned with a fist. He talked to Resolute about faith, saying that he was sent by Erathis to speak to him. Resolute knew little of gods, but listened nonetheless. He experienced another human emotion for the first time, solace, in knowing that his father is still out there in the afterlife. The man introduced himself as Gavin and explained that Erathis had chosen him to find the warforged gladiator and take him away to be taught the ways of the church, for at some time in the future Resolute would be needed for something great. It was at this time that Gavin gave him the name "Resolute", and claimed that it was what Erathis wished him to be named.

Gavin purchased Resolute for an enormous amount of money and Resolute travelled with him to a church of Erathis, where he became an initiate of the faith. Soon after their arrival at the church, Gavin left, not to be seen again. Resolute believes that it was Erathis herself that rescued him from the slavers, but that is unlikely. While in the church, Resolute struggled to control his emotions of anger, for they were among the only human feelings he had ever known. He sparred with the paladins and fighters, who were impressed by the way in which he controlled his rage during combat. Because of this, he was encouraged to fight in this style, even though it was atypical to the style of most Erathian followers.

Resolute became self inflective during his studies at the church, often questioning the meaning of a soul and who he was before. He studied religion, philosophy, history, and became relatively cultured. He was an initiate for over 5 years before he was sent on a pilgrimage of sorts. The High Priest approached Resolute one morning, and explained that Erathis had come to him in a dream. In the dream, Erathis ordered the High Priest to outfit the warforged and send him on a pilgrimage to (the city where the military that i was in was stationed) where Resolute would join the military. There he would learn the skills necessary for what was coming, as Erathis put it. So it was done, and Resolute left on his journey alone. He had grown so accustomed to being around people, that he felt loneliness for the first time in his life on his travels. He remembered back to the years he spent in a crate, being sold and shipped all over the world. How was he not lonely then? Had he become more human than machine? This was one of the many things he thought about while travelling. It was during this time that he first began to think of his soul and his past life as well.

Every morning Resolute would pray to Erathis to watch over him, make him ever vigilant in his duty, and to give him the strength to destroy those who fight against him. When he arrived to the city, he joined the military. It was here that he learned about war, organization, tactics, unity, and all the other skills being a soldier gives you. He spent several years fighting, patrolling, and helping people. A large war was looming though. It was merely one week before this war that his commander gave him a special task: to join a small group of soldiers and help them on their quest. Perhaps this was his purpose…the one Erathis had recruited him for.


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