Oathband of Etrius

This stonebirch and emerald bracer was once worn by the legendary invoker Etrius, who forged the ancient pact between the peoples of Phiron and the Lords of the Feywild against the forces of Bane. 

Property: The Oathband provides a +2 bonus to AC and Resist 5 Lightning and Resist 5 Thunder.

Property: The Oathband counts as a +2 Holy Symbol when wielded by Divine Characters, and a +2 Totem when wielded by Primal Characters.

Property: You gain a +2 bonus to Insight checks.

Power: (At-will): Standard Action. You can use Sun Strike (Invoker 1)

Power: (At-will): Minor Action.  Change one of the resistances to Acid, Cold, Fire, Force, Lightning, Necrotic, Psychic, or Radiant.  That resistance remains changed until you use the power to change it again.

Power: (Daily) Minor Action.  Emissary of the Gods Invoker power.

Goals of the Oathband of Etrius

- To acquire allies against a common enemy

- To forge and to keep oaths at all costs.

- To destroy the forces of Bane 

Roleplaying the Oathband of Etrius

The Oathband urges its wearer to forge alliances with people of common purpose.  The Oathband is personally opposed to the existence of Bane and will seek to destroy his followers.  As such, the band treats it’s bearer as an ally in this quest.  The Oathband will speak in short echoed phrases to its bearer, which only the bearer can hear, diplomatically convincing the bearer to join in its quest.  The band is less interested in finding allies who are pre-disposed to the fight against Bane, but instead makes a special effort to find allies in new lands that walk different paths.  This was Etrius' objective in forging the alliances with the Fey, and it is likely for this reason that the Oathband chose Martha to be its bearer over Balasar or Menin.  

Oathband of Etrius

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