Mission to Centaris

The party has been conscripted into waging war with the city of Centaris by the Kurgosh Empire. Eskandir explains the mission to the group as follows:

I will now let you know your place in this grand story. The kingdom of Altaire has reluctantly been forced into a compact with the Hobgoblin Kurgosh Empire for the last 20 years. They protect our fair land but in return are entitled to full use of our military when it serves their needs. We have heard tell that the tide will soon turn and Altaire is to be conquered and enslaved by the Kurgosh, likely after the fall of Centaris. We know this because of the work of Altaire’s House of the Watch, who act as the spies and nameless servants of Lord Kelshon. The Watch has recently uncovered the work of Kurgosh’s own spies, the infamous Shadow Guild of the Seven Knives. The Knives were often thought of as folklore, tall tales which parents use to scare unruly children.

We know now that the Knives are no myth, and they are just as dangerous as the stories say. They Dwarven stronghold of Winterhaven, The Bastion at Fallcrest, and many other fortresses have fallen almost single-handedly due to the activities of the Seven Knives. Many of the Watch’s finest spies and warriors have been lost recently, felled at the end of a poisoned blade.

One of the Watch’s spies, Errim, was killed in the line of duty but was able to pass one key piece of information through to us. There is a woman, an assassin by the name of Muza who is ascending to the inner circles of the Knives. She has been tasked with the fall of Centaris and is likely laying the groundwork for the invasion. No one knows the names or faces of the Knives’ members, but we now have a name, and we also have one person in this room that is able to identify her… You are being given this task because of your skill and because you are relatively unknown in Altaire. The Knives are targeting the Watchmen, they will not expect the efforts of the Iron Shield, especially those of our newest recruits. Your reward will be great for completing this task. Find Muza, disrupt the invasion of Centaris and bring back whatever information you can about the activities of the Seven Knives. If there is a plot to overthrow Kelshon and take Altaire, we must know of it.

Mission to Centaris

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