Etrius was a great hero during the war against Bane 2000 years ago.  He was a high invoker of Pelor, and was best friend and councilor to Altairius, the hero of seven ages.  

Though Altarius was deemed the champion of the great war, the war would never have been won if Etrius had not forged the great alliance between the free peoples and the Lords of the Fey against the forces of Bane.   

Though Etrius principally worshiped Pelor as his patron, he was said to have been beloved by all the gods, and even some gods of the dark circles consider Etrius with respect.  It was with this influence that we was able to sign the compact with the three goddesses to create the Feygate and the Sisters of Akarah to ensure the protection of the Fey realm as part of the agreement.  

Etrius is also the founder of the House of the Watch, the great bastion against Altaire's enemies within and without.   The watchmen see Etrius as their patron and many of the Watch's rituals involve pay homage to the memory of Etrius.


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