City of Altaire

The Golden City of Altaire is a prosperous port city located in the delta of the Dragon’s Spine River on the western edge of the Altarian Peninsula. The city has a non-aggression treaty with the Ravenspire Empire. The conditions of the treaty require that Altaire pay taxes to The Black Spire, capital of the Ravenspire Empire, and in return Altaire is permitted to function independently.

Altaire is a republic administered by the Grand Council. Authority rests with the council but all decisions are counciled by the the Ancient Gold Dragon Kelshon. Altaire is a prosperous port city with a diverse population. Many trade guilds make their home in Altaire and guilds play a strong part in running the city. The port of Altaire is a major trade route by which the continent can access the lands to the West, the continent of Xing.

Great Houses and Guilds

Great Houses is the term used to represent the different administrative wings of Altaire. These include the House of War, the House of Wealth, the House of Knowledge, ect… Guilds are independent entities within the city of Altaire, and many guilds have branches that span the continent and are housed in many cities.

The House of the Watch

The House of the Watch is the intelligence wing of the Altarian Council. The Watch (as is it called colloquially) is primarily concerned with monitoring rebelious movements within the city, and military movements and operations with foreign empires. The Watch is also tasked with keeping track of Guild activities within Altaire. Watchmen are given a great deal of Independence in conducting their affairs, and many build strong relationships, or strong enmities, with guilds and foreign agencies. The head of the Watchmen is known as the High Adept, and the position is currently held by Celes Chere.

The Iron Shield

The Iron Shield is an adventurers guild residing in Altaire. The head of the Iron Shield, Roboute Eskandir is a Half-Elf warlord and has a strong working relationship with the Watchmen. The Shields are expanding their operations in Altaire and have recently enlisted the Band of Adventurers from Hammerfall after their successful return of the three spies from the Bloodspear Tribes.

City Quarters

  • Guild Quarter
  • Merchant Quarter
  • Military Quarter
  • Temple Quarter – This is where houses of worship are located and where the the great Pharos of Kelshon is located.
  • Residential Quarter
  • The Great Houses

City of Altaire

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