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  • City of Altaire

    The Golden City of Altaire is a prosperous port city located in the delta of the [[Dragon's Spine River]] on the western edge of the [[Altarian Peninsula]]. The city has a non-aggression treaty with the [[Ravenspire Empire]]. The conditions of the …

  • The Iron Shield

    The Iron Shield is an adventurers guild based out of the [[City of Altaire]]. They are noted as having a strong relationship with Altaire's [[House of the Watch]]

    Notable Members of the Iron Shield

    - [[Roboute Eskandir …

  • Altarian Peninsula

    !http://lh5.ggpht.com/_QrZ0_PQEXfQ/SxBmujQ27RI/AAAAAAAAASE/-GXYXV-S8Ys/s512/Altair%20Map.JPG(Altarian Peninsula)! *Key Cities* * [[City of Altaire]] * [[Anar]] * [[Hammerfall]]

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