Hammerfall Campaign

The Moonshadow Dancehall

A place where mortals remove their clothes

My mission was a simple one…accompany a group of soldiers and help them with their mission. I did not know what I was getting myself into when I first greeted them, but I would soon find out. This group of mortals, with exception of the paladin, were exceedingly interested in materials and seemed to have overactive human desires. We spent several days trying to find a female that had stolen a silver dragon scale from one of the group members. She had apparently let herself be tied up while the female stole the item. A person who is charged with guarding an item of importance should never let personal pleasure, or anything for that matter, interfere with duty. One who allows this to happen is not trustworthy and should be looked carefully upon. Erathis, the Eternal Guardian, shall not look kindly upon her. I pray that She guides her in the future and that she improve upon her carelessness and lack of duty and self respect.

After hunting for this person for several days, we found her in a brothel. Apparently it is a place where mortals remove their clothes and engage in dance in order to bring about procreation. I have heard of them before, but have never experienced them firsthand. It seems to me to be a waste of time and money, and only serves to make it easier for one to lower their guard. After a brief fight with the ownership of the establishment, we were able to catch the thief. The dragonscale is gone though, sold off to one of the guilds and probably in another region by now. With any luck we will cross paths with it again. Hopefully this will serve as a lesson to the mortals as to the importance of holding your duty above all else at all times.

It is strange being with mortals again. Not to say that I haven’t been around them for some time now, but in the military it’s different. Soldiers do not feel as much as the ones I have been around for the last several days and I am significantly less comfortable currently for this reason. It is strange to be surrounded by mortal desire, corruption, emotion, greed, humor. Not to say that I do not feel things, I must just feel them differently, for I am not compelled to act as they do. Will I change? Will they change? Surely in my previous life I felt these things…perhaps I felt them to an excess, which is why I find myself in this metal body? Questions like these haunt me sometimes while I rest. Are these what they call dreams?

- Resolute


JohnCompton JohnCompton

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