Hammerfall Campaign

Arrival to the City of Altaire

Welcome to the Iron Shield

The adventurers finally escape the Erathian Waterway and are escorted by Patrin to the City of Altaire.

The party is escorted to the Guild Hall of The Iron Shield where they meet with Eskandir. Eskandir offers the party membership in the Guild for their hard work in bringing the Spies Yna, Nirva, and Timothy to Altaire. The party also briefly encounters Celes Chere debriefing the spies and are informed that she is the High Adept of the House of the Watch.

The Party goes out on the town while considering whether or not to join the Iron Shield. Gibb encounters a fellow bard, Sabin, and the two challenge each other to a bard-off. The party goes shopping for gear, eventually leading to the port where the party sees the Altarian navy, merchant ships, and an armada of Altarian Airships anchored at the port. Wednesday, Martha, and Gibb then leave to a strip club where the three earned some gold for their rendition of a Jay-Z song. Wednesday also drew some unwelcome attention to herself while MC’ing.

Meanwhile, Balasar and Inwe go to the Temple Quarter. Balasar pays alms to the Temple of Moradin while Inwe remains outside, encountering a Warforged city guard and his friend.

The party returns to the guild hall where they sleep for the night. Balasar is encountered by Lord Moradin in a dream, urging him to help his brother dwarves enslaved by the Bloodspear Tribes in the City of Anar. Balasar’s holy symbol absorbed some of Moradin’s essence during the encounter.

Once everyone wakes up, Eskandir repeats his offer of membership to the guild. The party accepts under the condition that they quest to help free the dwarven slaves to the east. Eskandir agrees but warns the party not to reveal their guild affiliation when doing “business” inside the hobgoblin empire. The party received 300 gold apiece to prepare for their mission.


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